The Makahiki Challenge is a 3+ mile  journey through tireless hills, obstacles, and mud. Designed to test your physical endurance and mental toughness, you will be rewarded with live music and world class beer from our sponsor.

Come on.......LETʻS GET LEPO!


If you want more of a challenge, run in the new HO'OIKAIKA HEAT!

Ho'o Ikaika: To make a great effort, work hard, strengthen, fortify

We listened to what you had to say, so this year the Makahiki Challenge is getting more challenging.  If you've already done our 5k obstacle course and thought it was too easy, try the new HO'OIKAIKA HEAT! Still a 5k, the HO'OIKAIKA HEAT puts challengers through more physically demanding tasks between obstacles (think hill climbs, bear crawls, and more carrying)...and at the finish, challengers will get a special HO'OIKAIKA Finisher Medal!


Race bibs must be picked up on-site.

We will NOT have a packet pick up prior to the event. 


-Race bibs will be available on-site, beginning at 7am.  Please note that you do not have to arrive first thing in the morning, you can pick up your bib before your heat.  We recommend arriving between 45 minutes to an hour prior to your heat time. 

-You will need your photo ID and your bib number to pick up your bib.  Bib numbers will be emailed to you a week before and they will also be posted on our website.  Hard copy waivers are no longer necessary this year if you signed one online! If someone registered for you, you will get an email for you to sign the waiver.

-For legal and liability reasons, race bibs and medals may not be picked up by anyone but the participant whose name is on the registration.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a tab on your race bib for you to claim your t-shirt at a separate booth. 

Did you pre-pay for parking? It will be mailed to the address you provided at registration. 


Photo ID
Money to buy more pia (beer) and ono grinds (good food)
$20 for parking if you haven't already prepaid ($10 if paid at time of registration) 


Alcoholic Beverages. No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed.  Alcoholic consumption in the parking lot is prohibited and will be regulated by the Honolulu Police Department and/or Hawaii Sheriffs.





1. Makahiki Challenge T Shirt


2. Entrance to the Pa’ina


3. One Pia (A beer is included for each participant that is at least 21 years old)


4. Finisher's Medal

5. The best views on O’ahu (Jurassic Park location)

6. One nuts 5k obstacle mudrun





  • Participants must abide by all directions given from the race staff, race director, volunteers and medical personnel.


  • Participants understand and acknowledge that Makahiki Challenge is an extreme event and accept any and all risks associated with the event. Participants must be physically able to complete the course and all obstacles.


  • Participants must be 14 years-old or older on race day in order to participate.


  • Participants must wear the bib number provided by Makahiki Challenge and have it clearly shown on the front. No participant will be allowed to race without an official bib number.


  • Participants agree to allow MC Events LLC, the event producer, to use any pictures or video footage of the event for any promotional purpose.


  • Baby joggers, baby strollers, in-line skates, bicycles, skateboards or any other type of wheeled device are strictly prohibited on the course.


  • Registration is closed when the maximum capacity is reached.


  • Any participant who violates instructions from any course official is subject to disqualification and/or removal from the race. This includes but is not limited to unsportsmanlike behavior, offensive language, nudity and excessive use/inability to complete any obstacles.


  • No participant, after leaving the course, may return to the course.


  • Non-participants are strictly prohibited from entering or accessing the course or any obstacles at any time for any reason.


  • Medical personnel may examine any participant who appears to be injured or suffering. The medical personnel may remove any participant from the event if in the opinion of the medical personnel the participant needs to be removed.


  • Participants assume all responsibility for all medical expenses incurred as a result of training and/or participating in Makahiki Challenge, including but not limited to hospitalization, ambulance transportation or physician services.


  • MC Events, the event producers, reserve the right to cancel or delay the race due to severe weather or in the event of a disaster.


Let loose while dancing to our musical guests.  In past years, musical guests have included:  OOKLAH THE MOC, KIMIE, KOLOHE KAI, KAPENA, THE JIMMY WEEKS PROJECT, ELI-MAC and MIKE LOVE!


Relax with friends and enjoy the Pa’ina because you deserve it. Join us for Pia (Beer) and Ono Grinds at this Hawaiian style rayjah.





Makahiki literally translates to yearly or annual.  Makahiki Challenge is meant to be an annual challenge for the people of Hawaii and its visitors.  It is our chance to compete, challenge ourselves, celebrate, enjoy, and respect this beautiful island that has continued to provide for us.  


The word Makahiki is commonly associated with the ancient Makahiki festival.  In ancient Hawaii, Makahiki was a festival beginning about the middle of October and lasting roughly four months.  It was filled with sports and religious festivities, and at this time war was kapu (prohibited.)  Makahiki celebrated harvest and the Hawaiian god associated with rain, lono.  The mark of the beginning of Makahiki was the site of the Pleiades constellation seen in late October or early November.

During Makahiki, the people paid taxes to the chiefs.  The symbol still associated with Makahiki, observed as the lono figure, is a staff with a crossbar that held a white sheet of kapa (Hawaiian cloth).  It was carried around the island and stopped at each ahupua’a (land division) to collect the taxes of the people.  After this process was complete, the community gathered to celebrate.  Farming stopped and feasting and competitive games began.  Athletes, chiefs, and commoners competed in games that included boxing, ‘ulu maika (similar to bowling), foot races, javelin throwing, and other contests including intellectual challenges.